This is the official webspace of the novelist Timothy Marsh. Thanks for turning up early. I have put up a writer’s tip and tried to make this place comfortable, but the party is only just getting started.

Soon I will have a mailing list and all the fancy stuff so please check back here soon. If you don’t really like parties, and prefer to just hang around while the host gets dressed and lays out some treats, this is the time for you. You will see me experimenting with WordPress features and adding random things just to see how they look.

Any suggestions?

One thought on “Welcome”

  1. Liked your relaxed analogy; but some of your female readers will be willing to swear you said “…prefer to hang around and watch while the host gets dressed..”. In music the listener can infer notes or chords they’d like to be there, with no thinking involved. Maybe it’s the same with writing?

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