Timothy Marsh novels are always a fun and exciting read. Highly recommended.
Novels by Timothy Marsh to be available as ebooks to read on an ereader or for ordering as print on demand.

They have a life of their own don’t they? I spend so long living with my characters and exploring the world I’m creating that they develop powerful drives and relationships. Denying their expression of this compulsion wouldn’t honour them and so novels want to write themselves. Some novels I write have a clear path from beginning to end, and I heard the story through the calamities between. Others start with characters and their world and I sit back and watch as my fingers tap away recording what a movie camera might capture.

I have completed two novels, Ghost of Newsangtown and Tiphany Cuts Loose. Both are in their editing stages, but Ghost of Newsangtown is also in beta-reading. Asteroid Tours, the first of the series Jasper Phlanx Chronicles, is complete, but hasn’t been re-read even. The end caught me by surprise to be honest. Then there’s Dr Precarious a super-villain novel that is ongoing.

I love writing novels, but have found that editing them takes much more than four times as long. I’m hoping to make enough from my writing to hire an editor and pass that work on to someone who enjoys it much more than I do.

2 thoughts on “Novels”

  1. I want to pick your brain about editing. Also. Want to hear thoughts on WP. Also. you need to twitter with the rest of us NBR refugees. Also. I’m going to read your books.

    1. Writing plans:
      Edit and post to Wattpad Demon Spawn Goes to High School. This is a fast YA romp that took on all the NBR advice about keeping it simple and blatantly stating what characters are feeling. Response to this will guide my next step.

      Edit and post to Wattpad Tiphany Cuts Loose.

      My father is doing me the kindness of editing Asteroid Tours, but I think that project has stalled. If he gets it done, I’ll past that too. The next book in the series is slowly percolating in my head.

      And thanks for finding me on Twitter, I just followed you and a few more of my NBR friends.

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