Ghost of Newsagntown

Looking for her adoptive parents, Louise discovers she has attracted more than she bargained for. This engaging story of friendship, family, and self discovery makes you rethink how our society deals with and talks about death.

While certainly fitting well within the thriller genre, it is not a splatter-fest, and despite the word ‘ghost’ in the title, it is not a ghost story. Let it get a grip on you and you won’t escape.

Ghost of Newsangtown by Timothy Marsh shows as made bed in a dark room with sexy teenage clothing on the bed. The text and stlye clearly show it is a teen fiction thriller genre novel.


Ghost of Newsangtown is a 65,000 word novel about a sixteen year old Louise and her friend Karla. Beginning on the day she finds out that she is adopted, then hears about her boyfriend cheating on her, the story unfolds over one short, traumatic week.


Currently Ghost of Newsangtown is being published one chapter every Wednesday on Wattpad. This is a great way to get feedback from beta-readers, but not a convenient or comfortable way to read a book. After it is finished this stage, it will be published as an eBook on Smashwords which makes it available on all popular devices and retailers except Amazon.

Note: Not available through Amazon due to their desire to be the exclusive publisher. Kindle version, free of DRM, available through Smashwords.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ghost of Newsangtown

Note: This section and beyond contains spoilers.

Q: Where is Newsangtown?

A: I made the name up by using the root ‘sang’ meaning blood, then adding a prefix and suffix combination that indicates a large town or small city. It feels like a place that could be in any modern western country.