ePub book cover for the short story, Freight by author Timothy Marsh
Strange things happen when a man has nothing left to lose.

Freight is a 5,000 word short story set in the near future. Justin runs a freight forwarding company that uses phase-doors to move shipping containers between locations in the blink of an eye. It would seem the perfect transport system, he thought he had a perfect life. In the blink of an eye, things change.


Freight is available as an ebook through the publishing channels linked below. It is also available for free to people signing up to my mailing list. Please acquire and enjoy Freight before reading the spoilers on the rest of this page.


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Note: Not available through Amazon due to their desire to be the exclusive publisher. Kindle version, free of DRM, available through Smashwords.

Freight is also available through other distribution channels that are hard to link to such as iTunes. Search for Timothy Marsh on your device, if the word ‘Freight’ is too common.

Frequently Asked Questions about Freight:

Note: This section and beyond contain spoilers.

Q: Do you think this technology will ever be available?

A: Unlikely. I remember when I was a young child; friends and I would argue which would come first, the flying car from The Jetsons, or the talking watch from Dick Tracy. We’d end up agreeing that flying cars are much more likely. Now we have Android Wear and similar products. So I don’t rule anything out completely. They say matter is just highly organised information, and if we can move the information, we can move the object. The reference to the teleported laser is true and space-time has much more to reveal yet.